Báňské projekty Ostrava, a.s. (Designing of Mines Ostrava Ltd), abbreviated BPO a.s., is based in the Ostrava City, the hub of Ostrava - Karviná mining district. Our team of experts in designing of underground works and mine technologies gained their experiences there within the Ostrava - Karviná Group of Mines. We also completed many other mine development project designs for customers in former Yugoslavia, Malaysia, Iran and Poland, just to name few.

BPO a.s. provides complex project designs on high technical level to meet specific needs of a client and to cover all project stages from exploration to operation. The mine design may include a complete surface plant, coal washing plant, a power and water supply, transport layout and land reclamation. Our designs are processed mostly by the AutoCad or Microstation software. We can create graphical digital products linked to varied databases and we can also offer maintenance of relevant data.

Our professional support and help presented whenever our customers build or upgrade their computerized jobs is an obvious part of our services. We can provide appropriate hardware, software and professional training.

Company keeps traditional contacts with Czech mining authorities, Ostrava Mining University, institutes or experts and cooperates with them whenever needed.

BPO a.s. is a constituent member of CDT - Česká dobývací technika (Czech Extraction and Mining Technology), a Czech association of companies concerned with mining. The Association is eminently supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and by its promotion agency CzechTrade. See cdte.cz.

Báňské projekty Ostrava, a.s. operates under quality and environment system management and is certified to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard.